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The 3 Lives of Bodie Island Lighthouse

Bodie Island Lighthouse - a Beacon for Seamen since 1848 Bodie Island Lighthouse was constructed in 1848 on North Carolina's Outer Banks near Oregon Inlet - but it had to be abandoned in 1859 because the foundation was shifting. And for those who don't know - it is pronounced body, like all the bodies that [...]

Ram Albemarle – Ironclad Warship of the Confederacy

For Civil War buffs, April belongs to Plymouth, a small town on the Roanoke River in eastern North Carolina. On April 18 & 19, you can be a part of Living History in Motion "Odyssey of an Ironclad - The Incredible Journey of the CSS Albemarle." This 2-day trip on the Roanoke River retraces the [...]

Stone Ground Grits – It’s a Southern Art

Did you know that Grits are made from corn? And stone ground grits are the best. Atkinson Milling Company in Selma, NC produces some of the best grits.  I've tried many kinds and theirs are the best. I was looking for local stone-ground North Carolina grits to serve at Big Mill Bed & Breakfast and [...]

Making Pull Candy – the Old-Fashioned Way

Pull Candy Recipe - Old Time Stewed Sugar  My mother called this wonderful confection pull candy or stewed sugar. Some folks call it taffy. When she described a child's pretty blond hair she would say it was the color of stewed sugar -- a gorgeous translucent white color with a faint golden tint. Making this [...]

We folks in eastern North Carolina celebrate our farm heritage Every year since 2003, we have a big Farm Heritage Fair at the Senator Bob Martin Ag Center in Williamston, NC. This year the Farm Heritage Fair is December 7, 2013, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is not just about tractors. It is [...]

Civil War Battle of Fort Branch

Every year on the first weekend in November the Yankees and the Rebels fight the Battle of Fort Branch on the banks of the Roanoke River near Hamilton in eastern North Carolina. The Battle of Fort Branch is on the first Sunday in November, but the re-enactors arrive on Thursday, set up camp and go [...]

Sans Souci Ferry – A Fun Way to Cross the Cashie River

The Sign Says it Best:  "Blow horn for ferry." See the tiny house across the river? That is the other ferry dock. The San Souci Cable Ferry crosses the Cashie River in eastern North Carolina near Windsor in Bertie County. Lest you ever try to tell anyone about this ferry, first -- you must have [...]

Lost Colony Outdoor Drama – what Happened?

The mystery - What happened to the Lost Colony? Are they in Manteo or maybe still in eastern North Carolina? In 1587, a colony of 120 souls established the first English Colony in this new world on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Three years later when John White returned from England with supplies, the colony had [...]

Hand Drawn Map of Big Mill B&B

I love our new hand-drawn B&B farm map - made just for Big Mill Lydia at Hand-Drawn Maps is a very talented English artist and she has drawn a map just for Big Mill B&B and the farm. I love the outbuildings here on the farm - they are almost 100 years old. We have [...]

Gazpacho – Chilled Tomato Soup

I first tasted Gazpacho in the sixties when I was a young student in Spain. Photo by Chloe Tuttle It was in a little cafe in Toledo and I still remember the cafe, the handsome young man and the Gazpacho. It seems there are as many Gazpacho recipes as there are barbecue recipes. I finally [...]