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Starlink on the Farm at Big Mill B&B

We try to keep up with all the tech changes – it keeps us busy. I was on the waiting list for Starlink for 15 months, so when they wrote and said, “Yea or Nay?” I said “YES!” So far, so good.

Photo of Jim Guld Geeks on Tour contemplating Starlink hookup

Geeks on Tour Jim, Contemplating Starlink Hookup at Big Mill B&B

For those of you asking, “What is Starlink?” it is Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet Service SpaceX. I really don’t understand Elon’s obsession with the letter “X.” And SpaceX keeps launching more satellites for faster and better service. March, 2024, SpaceX launched a payload of new satellites. And SpaceX cell phone service is not far away.

Photo Jim Guld installing Starlink at Big Mill B&B

Sometimes Starlink Installation Can be Uncomfortable!

You can’t image the comments that I am getting. I feel like folks just hear something and then never really research it. I heard things like, “I certainly wouldn’t do anything that involved Elon Musk.” Well, how trite. Do they research the board of directors on all brands? No, they don’t.

Photo of Starlink at Big Mill B&B

Friend Marty installing the original Starlink

We had to mount the antennae on a roof that had no trees encumbering the view to the sky.  We picked the workshop – I do have 8 barns, so this was the lucky one.  It is fascinating to see the antenna move to follow the satellites.

We also had to bury the cable to the house, so that I could have the modem inside where I can fiddle with it inside and not in a barn with dirt daubers.

Photo of Starlink installation at Big Mill B&B

Bob Greene Supervises Jim from Geeks on Tour

Bob Greene has installed Starlink at Green Acres Campground and he too loves it. We both have lots of territory to cover. Since the Pandemic, I am getting many folks who work from home – which is the situation here at Big Mill B&B. Starlink is the answer, thank goodness.

Starlink is especially good for folks in under-served rural areas, like us and for folks in RV’s, boats, or anything mobile. That version is called Starlink Roam.

Anyway, I am quite pleased.

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Starlink on the Farm at Big Mill B&B