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Mom & Pop Restaurants

Griffin’s Quick Lunch – a Mom & Pop Icon

Griffin’s Quick Lunch is an Eastern North Carolina Icon – Sadly Griffin’s has closed…An Icon since the 40’s, it is gone.   Griffin’s Quick Lunch, just like many Mom and Pop diners in eastern North Carolina, is a landmark. Unfortunately, we are losing many of these cafes; Williamston is lucky to still have Griffin’s. If… Click to see specialties of the house at Griffin’s Quick Lunch…

The Hen and The Hog Restaurant in Halifax, NC, is a wonderful surprise. I love to explore local gems and this one is perfect. The restaurant is located in an old hardware store and the old floors remain – no trendy marble tiles here. But don’t be fooled – this is an upscale place; it just… Read more about Hen & Hog

Bill’s Hot Dogs – Eastern NC’s Best Hot Dog

Bill’s Hot Dogs in Washington, NC is an institution It doesn’t matter if you like hot dogs or not — you just have to eat a Bill’s hot dog if you are in Washington, North Carolina. Bill’s has been open as a hot dog “stand” since 1928 and it hasn’t changed much; not that I… Click to read More about Bill’s Hot Dogs in Washington, NC

North Carolina Road Food – Mom and Pop Diners

Remember the Mom and Pop restaurants that were in every town? Well, we still have ’em here in eastern North Carolina. Take a ride with me to find the best local food east of Raleigh. I’m delighted to premiere the latest Big Mill B&B video: We’ve featured the 10 “must see” spots for off-the-beaten path diners and dives throughout Eastern… Read more

Skylight Inn – Legendary Pulled Pork Barbecue

You can smell the vinegar & red pepper before you enter the door of the Skylight Inn in Ayden, North Carolina Since 1947, Pete Jones and family have been serving this tasty eastern North Carolina style barbecue (always pork) to locals and folks who are willing to travel long distances. They cook whole hogs, over… Read more

Bunn’s Barbecue – Great “Road Food”

Oh, so sad for Windsor and Eastern North Carolina – Bunn’s is closed as of July 28, 2023 Driving up, you might wonder if this really is a restaurant.  There’s a Texaco pump out front – that’s because before 1938, Bunn’s was a service station. Inside, old signs hang on the walls, but the minute… Read more

Sunnyside Oyster Bar in Eastern North Carolina

Sunnyside is an eastern North Carolina tradition and folks from all over the country come to taste these special, just-shucked oysters……………..OPENS OCTOBER, 12, 2023 at 5:30!! They do it the same way they have been doing it since 1935, when Charles Roberson, Sr. first opened his restaurant and called it Sunnyside. As soon as you enter the… Click to read more about Sunnyside Oyster Bar

Cypress Grill on the Roanoke River

SAD NOTE: We lost this wonderful eastern North Carolina treasure in 2018 to a devastating fire. The Cypress Grill is a place you just don’t want to miss; even if you don’t like fish. Sitting precariously on the banks of the Roanoke River in eastern North Carolina, it has welcomed diners for over fifty years… Click to read all about this fun Mom and Pop eatery