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Recipe : How to Make Orange Extract

This orange extract makes the perfect gift for anyone who bakes or enjoys cocktails

Orange Extract easy to make and perfect gift

How to Make Orange Extract

Course: Condiments
Cuisine: American
Keyword: how to make orange extract, orange extract recipe
Author: Chloe Tuttle


  • 4 organic oranges if possible otherwise, 4 large oranges (bright colors make the extract prettier) *
  • 1 cup vodka


  • Wash the oranges and pat dry.
  • Using a citrus twist peeler, make strips of the orange without getting any of the white pith. I use a bartender’s tool called a citrus twist peeler; it is not the same as a zester.
  • Place the orange strips into a pretty glass jar and cover with vodka. Shake and let this sit for 4-6 weeks in a dark cabinet. If you put it in the window, the pretty orange color of the strips will begin to fade. You can smell and tell if the extract is ready.
  • After about 3-4 months, I strain out the orange "twists." If they remain in the mixture too long, it can become bitter.
  • * You can also make lemon extract using lemon "twists." Follow the recipe for Orange Extract, substituting lemons for the oranges.
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I love making gifts for friends, especially at the holiday season. This recipe for homemade orange extract is good any time of year. Just having these extracts on display brightens my kitchen.

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Orange Extract recipe makes great gifts for any baker | https://chloesblog.bigmill.com/homemade-orange-extract-recipe/

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Recipe : How to Make Orange Extract