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Holiday Cheer

Pumpkin Bread for the Holidays

This Pumpkin Bread is quick, EASY and, oh, so tasty. Pumpkin Bread 1 large egg1/3 cup canola oil¾ cups sugar½ cup cooked (unsweetened pumpkin (canned works great))¾ cups self-rising flour ***¼ teaspoon ground cloves¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon¼ teaspoon salt1/3 cup chopped walnuts½ cup coconut (sweetener & shredded , reserve 1 Tablespoon. (Use a brand name… click to read more about Chloe’s Pumpkin Bread

Christmas at Romantic Big Mill Country Inn

It’s Christmas on the farm at Big Mill Bed & Breakfast and what a pretty time to be in the country. (Photo of Emily & Claire Fowler and Viola Music Video by Guy Livesay of Livesay Photography) We have lighted trees, even under the grapevine. Guests can see a tree from every room. This year… Read more

Chloe’s Homemade Cranberry Liqueur Recipe

I LOVE cranberries and I try to use them any way I can – I even float them in my kitchen sink on Christmas Day. I knew that Cranberry Liqueur just had to be wonderful – and it is. This liqueur is my original recipe and it is a gorgeous, clear-red libation. Homemade Cranberry Liqueur… Click to learn more about Chloe’s Cranberry Liqueur

Vanilla Extract Recipe – How to Make your Own

Want to make a special gift for the cook in your life? And for not much money? Homemade Vanilla extract is the perfect gift – everyone cooks. But not all vanilla beans are equal. If I can even find vanilla beans in eastern North Carolina, they are usually all dried up. But with some diligence… Read more

Cast Beeswax Ornaments

I saw my first Brown Bag Cookie Mold in the early eighties in a tiny shop in Virginia Highlands, a small Yuppie neighborhood in Atlanta, where I was living. This love affair has never ended. I have St. Nicholas from the 1983 collection, which was the first year they were made. The Brown Bag name comes from… Read more

Tasty Pumpkin Bread has a Secret Ingredient – Cardamom

All things pumpkin remind me of fall. We used to grow our own pumpkins in the corn field.  Nowadays canned pumpkin is really better than the orange pumpkins we see in stores. This Pumpkin Bread is especially good – it has a secret ingredient. Pumpkin Bread with Cardamom This tasty Pumpkin Bread has a new… Read more