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November 2007

Tasty Pumpkin Bread has a Secret Ingredient – Cardamom

All things pumpkin remind me of fall. We used to grow our own pumpkins in the corn field.  Nowadays canned pumpkin is really better than the orange pumpkins we see in stores. This Pumpkin Bread is especially good – it has a secret ingredient. Pumpkin Bread with Cardamom This tasty Pumpkin Bread has a new… Read more

Sweet Potato or Yam?

There is a difference between a sweet potato and a yam. They aren’t even related yet sweet potatoes are often mistakenly referred to as yams. Sweet potatoes are actually the root of a morning glory vine. A yam is the tuber of a vine grown in Central and South America. Yams are quite toxic if eaten raw… Read more

Dinner on the Ground – The Innkeeper’s Recollections

‘Bet you never even heard of Dinner on the Ground. Sadly, it has been called a fading tradition. It seems these days I look up and things I thought would always be there are gone or leaving.  Dinner on the Ground is one of them. But for now they are still with us.  For many years it has… Read more