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Good Fun

Toilet Seats : The Innkeeper Recollects

In the Florida Keys there is a pass through the mangroves called Toilet Seat Pass If you have ever spent any amount of time around the sea and in waterways, you will know that the locals have their own navigational aids. In North Carolina’s Outer Banks on the island of Ocracoke you will see empty… Read more

That Illusive Green Flash

When you run a Bed and Breakfast, carving out time for your personal R&R can be a challenge.  But again this year I have made my escape!  I am in Islamorada on holiday with friends Joy and Patrick . We’re staying at the paradise home of our friends George and Louise, who have headed to Alberta in search of ducks… Read more

A Letter from the Fur Person *

This summer has been tough on me with this fur coat and my advancing years. I haven’t done much except lounge about in the shade of the bushes and under the house. Chloe has tried to help by giving me numerous baths. I hate to admit it, but I am actually getting so that I… Read more

Whirligigs and Tobacco

A whirligig can do all things: milk a cow, catch a fish, decorate a tree, wash clothes, even ride a bicycle…anything that has movement. I have been fascinated with these wonderful toys for as long as I can remember. Whirligig overlooks Tobacco Field at Big Mill B&B Maybe I shouldn’t assume that everyone knows what a… Read more

Big Mill Baby Boomers Band

Oh, it is always fun at Big Mill. This week we had, as I have named them, The Baby Boomers Big Mill Band…They are still working on what to call themselves. Each of these fellas played in a band in high school and, so they tell me, once you get it in your blood, it… Read more