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What’s Happening?

Dinner on the Ground – The Innkeeper’s Recollections

‘Bet you never even heard of Dinner on the Ground. Sadly, it has been called a fading tradition. It seems these days I look up and things I thought would always be there are gone or leaving.  Dinner on the Ground is one of them. But for now they are still with us.  For many years it has… Read More

Another letter from the Big Mill Fur Person

Chloe announced to me several days ago that I should take a bath and make myself pretty because we were going to a special event. I didn’t really think she meant it. I don’t get out much, and we cats can be “subject to violent anxiety at any uprooting.”  * Well, today we motored in a car into Williamston and gathered on… Read More

A Letter from the Fur Person *

This summer has been tough on me with this fur coat and my advancing years. I haven’t done much except lounge about in the shade of the bushes and under the house. Chloe has tried to help by giving me numerous baths. I hate to admit it, but I am actually getting so that I… Read More