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Snow Cream Recipe – Making Snow Ice Cream

It snowed on the farm…so we made snow cream.

And when it snows in eastern North Carolina, we go all to pieces.  If the weather man predicts snow, we buy all the milk and white bread in every grocery store. Well, I buy heavy cream, popcorn and artichoke hearts. Then we hunker down and wait for the beautiful snow. We close schools and take photos of everything in sight. But one thing we do that is really unique — we make snow cream.

Fresh snow cream treat on the farm

I don’t know how far south snow cream is made, but they don’t make it north of here in Virginia. Maybe it is only a North Carolina treat. When I was growing up we couldn’t wait for snow, but we had to, because it didn’t snow every year.

Snow Cream Recipe

  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup cream
  • 4 Tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 egg (optional)
  • 1 bowl of light, clean snow (6-8 cups)

Cream together the cream, sugar and vanilla. Some folks add the egg, but I don’t. Using a flexible utensil like a spatula, add the snow a little at a time to the cream mixture until it is the consistency of creamy ice cream. You will have about 3 servings and you must eat it immediately because it melts fast! Oh, what a treat. (In a pinch you can use sweetened condensed milk in place of the cream and sugar. We always kept a can around just in case it snowed).


Snow falling at Eastern North Carolina B&B

At Big Mill Bed and Breakfast when it snows, we feed the birds, make snow cream, take photos of everything and play in the snow.

Chloe Ann and mom sleding at Big Mill Inn

Above: a photo at Big Mill from years ago of Chloe Ann (left), that’s me and Chloe, Sr. on the right-my mother. Same yard, same outbuildings. We thought this was a big hill. Santa brought Nephew Barney and me these strange things called snowflakes. They were round, fast and steering them was impossible. But they were fun.

Geese on the lakes at Big Mill Bed & Breakfast

Above: photo taken by nephew Monk of the barns in the snow

Bird watching at Big Mill

I’m curious … have you ever eaten snow cream? Feel free to share your memories and recipes for snow cream by leaving a comment below.
We all eat well at Big Mill Bed & Breakfast when it snows.

In December 2012 Scott Simon of Weekend Edition from NPR called and interviewed me about my snow cream. Now it is famous!

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